Cause Populi Grants Program Comes to an End

After having pioneered the offering of  subsidized marketing services via our Grants Program, we at Cause Populi officially announce the end of the program. Since its inception in 2011, the Grants Program awarded over $1.7 million in subsidies to beneficiary nonprofit organizations with a variety of missions, from animal rights, to domestic violence prevention, and educational missions. We will continue to support the last few remaining grant projects pending completion until the end of 2017.

This decision came after much thought and consideration on the part of the company’s executive leadership, and in consultation with the Grants Program Advisory Board. We believe the advent of new technologies, as well as new incentive programs by social networks and advertising platforms make our grants program no longer necessary for those organizations who really want to promote their missions in today’s environment. Furthermore, the current political climate make it very difficult for us to foresee the potential impact of the possible changes to tax laws, as well as the diminished government funding available to many different types of organizations.

However, our focus remains to help and serve socially responsible organizations of all sizes, both nonprofits and for profit. We intend to continue to allocate a portion of our revenues to support nonprofits via reduced pricing, as well as a couple of new programs that will be announced early in 2018. As it comes to its end, we want to thank our clients, our staff, and our Advisory Board for their continued participation and support of the Grants program.