Marketing Channels

Web & Social Media Marketing

Are you aware that many non profits qualify for free online advertising grants to promote their mission and raise funds? Did you know that a website that is positioned in the first search result in Google can get up to ten times more organic traffic than another one at the end of the same page? We are expert web marketers. From search engine optimization to internet marketing and web development, we can help your organization get more web traffic and turn that traffic into donors and supporters. Let us show you how. To learn more about our web marketing services, please CLICK HERE.

Mobile Marketing

Today more than ever, people use their mobile devices and smart phones as communication hubs to manage their contacts, maintain their schedules, browse the web and connect with their friends through social networks. Is your non profit harnessing the power of today’s mobile devices and smart phones to promote your cause and raise funds? We would like to help you do just that. From customized mobile apps to mobile friendly sites and SMS text campaigns, we can work with you to devise a winning strategy. To learn more about our mobile marketing services, please CLICK HERE.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing campaigns can help you maximize your sales and fund raising efforts. We will help you research, identify and acquire prospective customers, donors and supporters at the local, regional, national and international level. From email marketing to personalized mass mailings, we can help you customize a direct marketing campaign that will help your organization reach your best potential clients and supporters. CLICK HERE to learn more about our direct marketing services.