Direct Marketing for Nonprofits

Email Marketing

Any website needs traffic to produce results. Most communications professionals use emails to convey their messages to their clients or potential clients, yet very few can generate the results needed for a successful campaign. We can help you setup and maintain an email marketing campaign that will maximize the results on behalf of your cause or company. The misuse or faulty implementation of a mass email campaign blast could leave your website or domain blacklisted, as well as expose your organization to “spam” complaints and hefty federal fines. We can assist your organization in setting up and using email campaigns to get your message across, drive traffic to your website, and galvanize people to contribute and support your cause. Our email campaigns are certified to be SPAM-Act compliant.

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Direct Mail Campaigns

We follow a targeted approach in designing our direct marketing campaigns, and work closely with our customers in designing a direct marketing strategy that is aligned with your campaign goals and organizational mission. We specialize in designing direct marketing campaigns for nonprofits for donor solicitation, capital campaigns, volunteer drives, donor prospecting, and marketing research. Our direct mail services use CASS certification software to ensure accuracy and minimize waste on postage and printing. We can provide a full service direct marketing operation where all materials can be created, printed, folded, addressed, processed and shipped using your discounted nonprofit postal rate. To learn more, please CONTACT US.

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SMS Text Campaigns

Micro-donations from text campaigns are the newest stars in the world of fundraising. A well crafted text campaign can become one of the best tools in your fundraising portfolio. We can help you develop the database, craft the message, implement the campaign, and track its results. They are also a great tool for polling your community of supporters and communicate relevant issues, events and ideas. Nearly everyone in the US has a phone with text messaging, and by creating a donate-by-text direct marketing campaign, you are giving them all an easy way to contribute. For a quote, please CONTACT US.