Mobile Marketing

Mobile Sites

Over half of today’s internet users in the USA access the web through their mobile phones and devices, yet the websites of the vast majority of companies and nonprofits are not mobile-friendly. Whether it is due to inadequate layout, inability to transact, or improper use of graphics and display technologies, the fact is that if a prospective client or donor lands on a page that can’t be viewed properly on his/her smartphone or tablet, that prospect is probably lost. Isn’t it about time your website catches up with today’s technology? We can help you get there with our special rates and discounts for nonprofits and a variety of platforms.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for nonprofitsWant to donate? Want to buy?We’ve got an app for that! Wouldn’t it be great if you could say that to a potential donor? You can! Our app developments rates are very affordable, and qualified nonprofit organizations may be eligible for reduced fees and discounts. This is one of the fastest growing segments in the history of mobile markets. The leading commercial enterprises have innovative, informative and interactive mobile apps to connect with their users. Now you can too! Don’t be left behind. Join the mobile app revolution now!. Ask us how.To learn more, please CLICK HERE.

SMS Text Campaigns

Micro-donations from text campaigns are the newest stars in the world of fundraising. A well crafted text campaign can become one of the best tools in your fundraising portfolio. We can help you develop the database, craft the message, implement the campaign, and track its results. They are also a great tool for polling your community of supporters and communicate relevant issues, events and ideas. Nearly everyone in the US has a mobile phone with text messaging, and by creating a donate-by-text mobile campaign, you are giving them all an easy way to contribute.