Marketing for Nonprofits and Socially Responsible Companies

Whether you are trying to advance your mission, promote your brand, or increase your donation and fundraising efforts, we can help you develop the most effective media plan and marketing mix to achieve your goals. If you are a nonprofit, we have advertising grants and discounted nonprofit rates to help you get the best return on your marketing efforts without affecting the impact to your campaign. If you are a socially responsible company looking to make an impact through your brands and products, we can help you design traditional print and media campaigns, as well as setup, streamline and manage your online marketing campaigns.

To receive a free consultation to discuss our marketing services for nonprofits and socially responsible companies, please CONTACT US.


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Web Design and Development

We can design and develop a mobile-friendly website that conveys a compelling message and engages your community of clients, donors and supporters. We use the latest technologies and platforms, and have a proven methodology designed to make your website: compelling; brand-intensive; easy to navigate; and, with clear calls to action to convert visitors into customers, members or donors. Just like with any other marketing tool, the right message, strategy and targets are needed to put together a website that can actually meet your goals. We have special rates for qualifying nonprofit agencies and organizations.

To learn more about our Web Development Services and learn about our process, please CLICK HERE. You may also visit our portfolio for samples of our web design and development work.

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Branding and Design

From logo design to tagline development and design of collateral materials and infographics, we are a one-stop source for the design of and development of branding solutions for your organization. Whether you are an established organization or a start-up, the strategic use of branding is key in helping you communicate your offering and engage your audience. Our branding and design services will enhance your branding standards and help you develop beautiful yet functional pieces to help you stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about our Branding and Design work, please CLICK HERE. To receive a free quote and discuss your branding and design needs, please CONTACT US.

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Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords PPC Advertising small-01Is your website getting all the traffic it needs to sustain your company or nonprofit organization? Are you aware that many non profits qualify for free online advertising grants to promote their mission and raise funds? Did you know that a website that is positioned in the first search result in Google can get up to ten times more organic traffic than another one at the end of the same page? We are expert web marketers. From search engine optimization to search engine advertising, we can help your organization get more web traffic and turn that traffic into customers, donors and supporters. To learn more about our search engine marketing services, please CLICK HERE.

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Social Media Marketing

Whether you are looking to have a professionally designed social media presence, need help integrating your social media to your website, or want to manage your social media advertising campaigns, we can help. We can help you develop a winning social media presence and strategy that combines organic content with paid advertising to help your organization get more followers and convert them into customers, donors and supporters.

To learn more about our social media marketing services, please CLICK HERE.

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Video Development and Production

Video marketing has become a fundamental way for organizations to communicate their values, create awareness and engage communities. From concept development to script writing, filming, animation and production, we can help you create a custom video that will help you share your message on the web, social media, and TV. From live videos to animation, we can work with you to create a winning video strategy. To view some samples or our video development work, please visit our portfolio.

To learn more about our video marketing services, please CONTACT US.

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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing campaigns can help you maximize your sales and fund raising efforts. We will help you research, identify and acquire prospective customers, donors and supporters at the local, regional, national and international level. From email marketing to personalized mass mailings, we can help you customize a direct marketing campaign that will help your organization reach your best potential clients and supporters. CLICK HERE to learn more about our direct marketing services.

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Marketing and Communications Planning

As marketing strategists specializing in nonprofits and socially responsible companies, we take a comprehensive approach to helping our clients define their marketing mix for improved brand recognition, customer engagement, donor acquisition, and market share expansion. Our approach is different to most other agencies. We start by understanding our client’s business and researching the demand and competitive trends in their particular sector. We validate our findings with key constituencies using primary and secondary research.

Once we have completed this evaluation, we help our clients define the goals they need to attain, the positioning they want to achieve, and the message they want to convey. We then develop a marketing strategy and mix that would best achieve our clients’marketing and communication goals. CLICK HERE to learn more about our marketing planning process.

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e Fundraising

Using web platforms, mobile communications and social networking, e-fundraising is a tool that enables nonprofits to raise funds via micro-donations. Through e-fundraising, we can enhance your online marketing efforts with text donations, web announcements, social networking appeals (including blogs and viral emails), and affiliate donations through e-commerce partners. E-fundraising is one of the best ways today to complement the general fundraising efforts of your nonprofit organization. To learn more about our e-fundraising services, please CLICK HERE.


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