Google Grants for Nonprofits is a unique program designed by Google to provide qualified nonprofit organizations up to $10,000 in FREE AdWords advertising credit per month. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising campaigns through Google Adwords are one of the best ways to significantly increase highly targeted traffic to your nonprofit website, create brand-awareness, and promote your mission at the top of relevant Google search result pages. What’s more, if a nonprofit reaches close to the $10,000 limit for a couple of subsequent months, the advertising budget gets increased to $40,000 per month!

$10,000 a month of free advertising?
What’s the Catch?

In addition to being able to qualify for the Google Grants program under Google’s selective application process, the biggest “catch” is that Google doesn’t provide any customer service or technical support to Google Grant beneficiary organizations. In other words, even if your organization does get approved for Google Grants, you will need a Google Adwords expert on board who can setup, manage and optimize your PPC campaign (Which is why most nonprofits barely manage to reach $400 per month!!!). That’s where we come in! As certified Google Partners, for a low monthly fee we can help you maximize your clicks and get real results like those displayed in campaign below:

Google Grants Qualification

Please feel free to contact us to help us determine if your organization qualifies
for the Google Grants program under Google’s selective application process.


      • The team at Cause Per Click, LLC, helped us maximize our Google Grants campaigns to an entirely new level. We had great success with two different campaigns, having reached the $10K levels with both within a few months, after having previously struggled to get any traffic from them. They really know what they’re doing!

    • The team at Cause Per Click, LLC are really dedicated to marketing nonprofits, and were fully engaged in really understanding our nonprofit’s needs. They have the experience and drive to help non-profits really grow and increase visibility.

What is Cause Per Click’s Process for
Managing Google Grants Plans?

  • We will first work on submitting your Google Grants application and getting it approved. If you already have a Google Grants account, or if you were denied in the past, or if your account was disabled due to non-compliance, we will work with you and Google to get you to the next stage.

  • We will work with you to design a campaign strategy for your Google Grants campaign using Google Adwords

  • We will research the best keywords and key phrases for your niche and write compelling text ads to be used in your Google Adwords Grants campaign

  • We will launch the advertising campaign designed to maximize your exposure to your potential donors, members and contributors based on your campaign goals

  • A dedicated PPC specialist will continuously review and optimize your targeted keywords and ads to ensure that your nonprofit is reaching its maximum results

  • We will provide you with periodic detailed reporting and analysis that allows you to see just how many clicks and conversions are being driven by your Google Grants ad campaigns to your website

  • If you decide to stop the campaign at any time, we will return the campaign to its original status. Minimum terms apply. 30 days notice required for cancellation.

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