Lead Generation
On Demand

We offer performance based marketing to small, medium and large companies that want to increase their sales while minimizing the risk of a self-managed marketing campaign! We will setup, manage and optimize social media, pay-per-click, and inbound marketing campaigns designed to drive you qualified prospects for your business!

If you’re looking for serious results and want to expand your business prospects with high quality leads, we can deliver those leads!



  • We perform an initial consultation & assessment
  • We design an execute a lead generation strategy specifically for you
  • We generate lead generation campaigns based on your budget
  • We design, write, test and optimize different ads, copy and creatives
  • We create high value content and lead magnets
  • ✓ We send you your leads as soon as they are submitted
  • ✓ We are experts at marketing automation
  • ✓ We assign dedicated social media specialists
  • We assign you with an expert US based project manager
  • ✓ We are certified Google AdWords partners
  • ✓ No contracts, cancel at any time (30 day minimum)


What is Lead Generation?
Lead Generation is the process of attracting or finding specific prospective clients for a business, in the form of a “lead” which is an actual potential client, who expressed interest in the product or service by filling out a form and supplying his/her contact information to be contacted due to that expression of interest.
Can You Guarantee the Lead will Turn Into a Sale?
No, of course not. There are many factors that affect whether or not a prospective client turns into an actual buying customer. We are not in the business of closing the sale for our customers, but we are in the business of delivering highly qualified prospects with actual interest in the products and services offered.
What Can Be Done To Maximize Turning Leads Into Sales (Conversion)?
Generally speaking, the main factors include the price of the product, the timeliness of the follow up, and the ability of the salesperson to close the sale. As long as the lead is solid in terms of the accuracy of the contact information, and “fresh” in terms of being received recently prior to follow up, the conversion should be relatively strong.
What Is Average Cost Per Lead (CPL)?
Average Cost per Lead (CPL) is the total cost of the advertising and promotional effort conducted to generate a lead divided by the number of leads received. Average CPL varies by industry, ranging from around $25 to up to hundreds of dollars depending on the competitiveness of the industry.
How Much Will I Pay per Lead?
The cost per lead will vary depending on your industry and the type of program we implement. We can either setup a plan with a fixed cost per lead, which will be negotiated with you from the start of the campaign, or we can setup and manage a marketing campaign in which you pay us a retainer fee plus media costs.
How Will You Send Me The Leads?
We can either send you a daily report of the leads received via email in Excel format, or we can setup an notification system in which every lead and contact information is sent to you via email.
Can You Integrate the Lead Generation Campaign With a Marketing Automation Platform?
Yes, we can
Can You Integrate the Lead Generation Campaign With a CRM system?
Yes, we can
Can We Choose a Maximum Budget That We Want to Spend per Period?
Yes, you can.
Do I need to commit to a contract?
No, but a 90 day minimum is required.
Can I add multiple brands, and/or organizations within a single plan?

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