Marketing AND
Communications Planning

Marketing and Communications Planning

As marketing strategists specializing in nonprofits and socially responsible companies, we take a comprehensive approach to helping our clients define their marketing mix for improved brand recognition, customer engagement, donor acquisition, and market share expansion. Our approach is different to most other agencies.

We start by understanding our client’s business and researching the demand and competitive trends in their particular sector. We validate our findings with key constituencies using primary and secondary research. Once we have completed this evaluation, we help our clients define the goals they need to attain, the positioning they want to achieve, and the message they want to convey. We then develop a marketing strategy and mix that would best achieve our clients’marketing and communication goals. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

OUR Marketing & Communications planning Process

Methodology Planning and Design

The purpose of this initial stage is to understand the goals, culture and mission of the organization. Meetings are held with key stakeholders, institutional history and business models are examined. Based on this analysis, a research methodology is designed, audiences are defined, and inquiry instruments are developed as deemed appropriate. Inquiry instruments may include questionnaires, surveys, polls, focus groups, etc.

Research and Inquiry

Once the methodology and instruments have been designed and approved, the inquiry process is conducted within the selected audiences. The audiences may be internal and/or external. The findings are analyzed and presented in the form of a report, which is then shared with key stakeholders.

Communications Audit

This stage consists of an objective review and analysis of the communication goals, messages, collateral pieces, and channels used by the organization inclusive of available print, digital and online materials. It further analyzes and segments the current and desired audiences to be reached by the organization. Finally, a gap analysis is conducted to clearly define the state of affairs in terms of measurable goals and metrics, outcomes and resources.

Strategy Development

At this stage, strategic recommendations are developed in terms of branding, taglines, messages, target audiences, promotional tactics, media channels, etc. , The recommendations along with the previous findings are summarized and presented in the form of an integrated Marketing and Communications Plan, which is then shared with key stakeholders.

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